Monday, June 30, 2008

official time

i got the results of my race. my official time was 1:57:19. bummer. it turned longer. i was hoping it would get shorter. not sure how that worked.


last night i pulled an oreo out of the package to discover that it was inside out!

this is a good omen right? i have a feeling things are looking UP for me today!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

tatum update

so when brock saw my race pictures he said "she's huge" and i realized she must be getting bigger than i realize. so here's an update with some pictures AND some CUTE CUTE CUTIE pie things she's done recently. and one not so cute thing.
first off...she has found the air vents on the floor. at first she would sit on them and bite the air. now she sits on them and waits for the air to turn on. it's sooo dang cute. and don't you just love her bed face? that's what we call when she gets bed head on her face. she gets it all the time and it makes it look like she's grinning.

she has gotten bigger and i realize it when i see her on the futon compared to how she looked on it when she was a puppy.

and this last week she discovered the sprinklers outside. they turn on automatically and with the daylight getting longer and longer, instead of them turning on at 8:00am when we were working away in the office, now they turn on at 7:00am when we are taking our morning walk. it's so dang cute and she HATES baths so any exposure to the water she gets i encourage.

yesterday was a very big day for her at the half marathon. she was more pooped than i was. so i caught a quick picture of her resting...i got a close up so you could see how really cute she was.

today we took her shopping in an artsie district down in boulder. it's called the pearl street mall. there's a super cute doggie shop there and as soon as we walked in the door she sniffed down this bone. what could we do but get it for her? i love how she holds it like she has mittens on.

and for me? i got a little ceramic bone that hangs on the wall and says "a spoiled rotten wheaten terrier lives here". and it's true.

so what's the not-so-cute-cute-cutie-pie thing she did? i have special underwear for running. they cost $7 each, as opposed to my big spending $6 for a 3 pack of hanes her way. well, this week she got to one pair of them.

i only had 2, now i have 1. thank goodness i had them reserved in my drawer for my big race because i discovered them right before laying out my race clothes. this is the first time ever i've posted a picture of my underwear on the internet.

pics of my half

i got some pictures of my half marathon. here's one of me in mid-stride. both feet are off the ground. i never knew until i saw this photo that there's ever a time that both feet leave the ground.

and here's another one of me crossing the finish line. i'm looking at paul and paul is looking at me and tatum is watching him. she had no idea where i was. tom and hope (paul's parents) came out to cheer me on. they were all standing at mile 12, and hope was holding the leash. so i ran over and bent down and pet tatum but she was so confused that she only noticed me for a second and then i was gone. so by the finish she had made herself completely sick. so funny. maybe i spend too much time with her. is there such a thing when, really, she's a therapy dog for me anyway?

this half marathon really kicked my butt. the last mile i questioned myself more than once if i was going to make it. when i finally rounded the corner and saw the finish line i knew i could make it. then i saw the finish clock and my legs took off from underneath me and i booked it. however, the MOMENT i crossed the line i knew i was seconds from puking. there were people taking the chip bands. i wore mine on my arm because i couldn't stand how it felt on my ankle and thank GOD i didn't have to bend down to take it off because my frosted mini wheats would have made an unpleasant mark on the race. i handed my band off super fast and headed in the direction of gatoraide only to be stopped by a woman wanting the little strip off of my number. i thought oh lady-you better be quick! i ripped it off without looking down and stuck it in her hand. i'm sure i was not the first delirious runner she'd seen all day. and then like a beacon in the night, there were children of the lord handing out popsicles. you know the kind in the plastic tube? one cutting off the top, one handing them out. i didn't even care if it was the lime one. i grabbed it, luckily i got the pink flavor. who knows what that flavor even is? maybe strawberry. but you can see the big smile on my face as i'm sucking it down in one clamp of the teeth around that plastic tube.

and here's another cute one of me stretching. it really has nothing to do with the race, i just look really cute.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


i ran my half marathon today and it kicked my BUTT! i finished in 1 hour, 57 minutes and i'm waiting for the seconds to come out. because when i crossed it said 1:57:15 but i started later than the clock so my chip time should say 1:57:something less than 15. and wouldn't it be cool if it was even down to the next minute? but i don't think so. and i can be happy with that time. i ran my last one a couple years ago in 2 hours, no minutes and 20 seconds and i really wanted to beat that time even if by 21 seconds so i could be below 2 hours. and i did it.

AND there was a guy that kept running in front of me that smelled like mustard. what's UP with that?

and does hulk hogan think he's bringing sexy back with that fanny pack. give me a break! what's he keep in there anyway?

Friday, June 27, 2008

end of month

ok so it's the end of month again which in escrow talk means everyone turns into mr. hyde and it's a very scary time of month to work in title and escrow. this is my job. i watch bank accounts and when money comes in i put it into files and tell attorneys they have money to spend. then they tell me where to spend it, then i tell them when their little spending spree is done or when they have more funds to get rid of. my goal is to get every file to zero by the end of the day but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. i should also mention that i work with a woman who is bipolar and everyone else in the office is afraid to give her things because she's not very easy to work with and if you question her like "how's the weather?" she'll burst into tears and scream at you for assuming she has anything to do with the lousy weather. she's crazy. but she's still there because i work for a very passive aggressive company that, instead of addressing their employees and saying "you did this, please don't do it again. here's what will happen if you do", they just take duties away but never pay. the payrate never changes. just the duties. its very interesting. we have one lady who shops for tea pots on ebay every day. she used to have actual duties on top of shopping for teapots. don't get me wrong, part of her job in no way entails shopping for teapots but since all of her other duties have been stripped away slowly and silently it has become her only duty. another woman comes in and works sometimes, sometimes she comes in and doesn't work and other times she doesn't come in at all and claims she was working the whole day by cell phone and email. even though if you send her an email at 8:00 am it won't be answered until, at the earliest, 4:00pm so don't get any ideas. sometimes she comes in very late or leaves very early and the excuses are very very good. not very accurate, but entertaining none the less. my two favorites so far are: i was so tired that i fell asleep on the train. and i fell asleep so hard that i slept all the way to the end of the line. twice. (yep-she really said that to fellow employees.) my other favorite is: i have to go home, my husband called and all of the kids are upset because the ferrets are sick. for real. oh and did i mention she's the office manager? well, she's the office manager in the same sense that dwight shrute is the office manager but you get the idea.

so i'm sad to say as much as it gives me enormous amounts of entertainment, i'm going to start looking for another job. maybe. i've been saying this for 2 of the 3 years i've worked there but tonight i actually updated my resume. i know it sounds cheesy but i'm going to pray about it over the weekend and apply maybe sunday night to a couple of positions. i love love love working with numbers. i'd be an accountant if it didn't require going back to school but my fascination with numbers is actually so intense that i've seriously considered going back to school and getting my degree even though it would mean going back to school. 

oh and my half marathon is in the morning so i gotta go to sleep. so incredibly excited for that. 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

where the hell is matt?

i know, 2 posts in one day?? but i found a new web page to haunt and his dance makes me smile every time. watch the video (make sure to click 'watch in high quality' under the video.) and then you gotta go to his webpage and read how the hell he did it

tonight when my computer guru gets home i'll try to post the video right to my page. so far, faith swartzendruber is my hero on this front. i have yet to figure it out. 

faith helped me so here's a test of my first video. eeeek! 

i married the right guy

we are kind of keeping an eye out for a crate for tatum that we could take on flights so she can come with us on long trips. so yesterday paul spotted one on the classifieds for work. so he emailed the girl and decided we'd take it. well later he realized there was a chip in the bottom where the door latches. so he decided to send her another email last night explaining that we are looking for one that is airline approved. he came upstairs, wrote an email, read it, re-read it again, called me up and read it to me, read it one more time and finally after about a half an our of proofreading hit "send". i was sitting behind him and at the same moment he pushed the button i said "oh and also say..." to which he jumps about a mile high on the inside and hops and turns around and looks at me in sheer panic only to see i'm whisper-laughing. i didn't have anything to add....i just wanted to put him into a quick panic. it's so fun to do that. he gives me such good reactions.

it reminds me of the time we lived in the apartment in denver and we were going somewhere. he locked the door and i walked on down the hall, turned the corner and went through the door to the staircase. then i closed the door and blocked it with my foot. there was no window to see through the door but i could hear him on the other side turning the knob, pushing harder, finally he stopped trying and i couldn't contain my whisper-laughing any longer. so i opened the door to see him standing there dumbfounded looking at it like "how did she get through here??" 

but my favorite of all was more of a scare than a tease. this was in the same apartment. i sent paul out with the garbage and then waited for him to come back in. there was a little hallway and then it opened up at the end to the family room where we kept a bookcase. i crouched down in front of the bookcase and waited, lurking in anticipation. i heard the door close and lock, then 4 steps and "RoOoAaARRR!!" full on with my hands in the cat claw shape above my head. at first i thought he was going to karate kick me but then i saw everything just freeze up in fear. it was the best scare ever in my life and i don't think i've tried scaring him since because the satisfaction of that one was so immense that any others will just be a let down. and he still hasn't forgiven me for that one.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

horrible puppy momma

every time something happens to tatum i kick myself for days. i originally selected her breed because they are great running dogs and can run pretty far for their smaller size. so she's been running with me since she was about 12 weeks old. but she has always pulled back while i'm running. it drives me crazy. it's like resistance training with a 19 pound lead weight while trying to run. last night we set out to do 4 miles. she's gone 5 before so 4 is not too much for her. but she's been licking her paws lately so i've let her stay at home while i run. BUT she is also bursting with energy so i thought "ok, i've let her rest long enough, today i'll have her come with me." well on our way home, literally feet from our front door, i realized that her paw was bleeding and i wasn't sure which one. so i hurry inside and check her out...BOTH front paws were bleeding. but there were no cuts or scrapes, it's just like her pads were worn thin. oh just typing it makes me cringe. how could i make an 8 month old puppy run 4 miles? i've asked the vet, 2 vets actually, one was her puppy vet in florida, the other was her new vet here in colorado. and BOTH of them said as long as you increase the mileage gradually and she doesn't seem to mind it she can go as far as you want. so...we started with half mile jogs, moved up to a full mile. added another half mile. you see the direction i'm going? slowly slowly from 12 weeks to 7 months we worked up to 5 miles. ugh. i feel so bad. i think i'm only going to take her for walks from here on out. i can't stand how aweful i feel. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008


so last weekend paul got a cold...not really a cold...just a sore throat, stuffy nose but not a full on cold. well, i kissed him. i tried not to, but out of habit, i forgot and kissed him. so now i have a scratchy throat. and i have a half marathon to run on saturday. it's called the slackers half marathon. i've been training for 3 months and i'm so excited to be doing this. i have already run a marathon, but because we are trying to make a baby, i don't want to sign up, put in the training and then the week before the marathon find out that i'm pregnant. i know, i know, i could still run it if i've been running up to that point BUT for those of you who have never had a miscarriage i'll explain: if anything happens, you always think it's your fault. so even if i got pregnant with a baby with 4 heads and no legs and it miscarried because of it's own genetic weirdness, i would still question myself that it was my fault for continuing to run. and then i would imagine myself with a 4 headed, no legged baby and how much i would have loved it and all of its 4 heads. so...all this vent to say i'm as excited about this half marathon as i would be about a full marathon because for now, it's all i can get. and because i've done all of this training on my own, no running group or support...all me. so if i still have a scratchy throat and i'm miserable stuffy  nosed i'm going to be pissed. not at paul, persay, just pissed because i really want to run a good race. i'm hoping for faster than 2:00:20 because that was my time of my last half marathon. that was a couple years ago when i was training for my full marathon. i'll keep you posted. 

ok-and one last thing. sweet little tatum tutu pie has been regressing in her potty training. and we are working on her having more self discipline. for instance, when we see other dogs out she goes CRAZY on the end of her leash jumping and swirling and tangling all of us in a heap of uncomfortable i-don't-know-you-well-enough-to-be-this-close-to-you weirdness. so we are working on "settle" and we are also freaking out like the ceiling is falling in when she pees on the carpet so that she knows it's a big deal that she is peeing with a roof over her head. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

breathe right strips and the cure for sleep apnea

i have found the cure for sleep apnea. it's called exercise. although both my husband AND my father have yet to follow the path to my cure. instead paul decided to buy some breathe right strips. so with great expectations we went to bed last night at 10:30. by 11:19 i was giggling so hard i woke him up. now instead of sounding like a hibernating bear, he sounds like a really excited panther. 

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Practicing I'm really wanting to get into this whole blog thing, but I'm still trying to figure out if I'm interesting enough. So for now, I'm practicing putting pictures and stuff on my page.
And yes, I'm using caps because I cut my long fingernails off last night, due to a fatality on my first finger, so using caps isn't so bad tonight. Don't get used to it, I won't always be in this lucky of a mood.

So here's a picture of my dog. She's a soft coated wheaten terrier. we named her Tatum because it means cheerful. Last year we had a sucky sucky year. My husband was doing freelance work and we had a miscarriage and thus has begun our year of trying for another baby. don't be too sad. I'm getting over it. some days are good. some days still suck. some days everyone is my victim and other days i do good to keep it to myself. so i've been begging for a dog for 7 years and finally my husband realized we needed the pitter patter of little feet one way or another. so the next day i emailed 22 breeders and she was the first available. on january 4th, we picked her up from the O.K. state and took her home to the sunshine state. It's been really fun. Here she is smiling. 

here's a link to the wheaten terrier web site.  i feel like i deserve an award for creating that link. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Beginning

so...people say all the time "you're so should start a blog." but i think who wants to hear my daily rants? so here goes nothing. go easy on me if they are stupid/boring/crass/not nice in the beginning. i'm a virgin. blogger, not really a virgin. although if i were a virgin virgin that would explain why it's taking my husband and i over a year to get pregnant. maybe i should bring this up at my next doctors appt. 
ok -i'm going to fool around. on the blog-i'm still not talking about sex so just get your mind out of the gutter. maybe i'll post more later. or maybe i'll leave you hanging like this for years to come. 
oh-and another note-i hate capitalization when i'm trying to internet. it's a waste of a button push, therefore a waste of time. and you know what they say -a penny saved is a penny earned. but that has nothing to do with my not wasting time on pushing the caps button. that's best reserved for time is money. therefore, saving pennies that are better saved than earned. and even more fun found on streets in the form of $100 dollar bills.