Monday, May 7, 2012

crazy creepy purpose

there are times in life that just plain suck. and then there are times in life when you realize what just plain sucked was for a crazy creepy purpose. remember last february when we had 2 brothers for a few weeks? and they were each a month older than each of our newly adopted kids so we had 4 kids 2 years old and under. and it was HARD. but man i loved those boys. they were so cute and rather easy, all things considered. well, baby huey got adopted by his real family last week. by "real family" i don't mean the family he was born into. i mean the family that he was put on this planet for. there are those bumper stickers that are shaped like paw prints and they say "who rescued who?" and i think they should make those with hand prints for couples who had a long hard stretch of road before finally becoming parents. especially for those who have longed for a mother's day to celebrate but have had to swallow the frog in their throat and just get through that damned holiday for one more year. and this year, my friend libby, will celebrate a real mother's day. with her real son! at the adoption party she told me that baby huey, aka gil, has a cousin that was born the day before him. they were watching her niece while the baby was born and had taken her up to the hospital to meet her new baby brother and for whatever reason at the last minute decided to just go on up and visit. at this particular hospital they ring a bell every time a baby is born. which means, she was there when her son was born. she HEARD his bell being rung! it wasn't for 13 more months that she would get to meet him. not for 28 more months before he would become hers. for real and forever. but just knowing she got to be "with" him in a sense when he came into this world is enough to hold onto, and to realize that god does know what he's doing. even though sometimes it's a crappy route for those 28 months in between. maybe i'm too simple minded but it's enough to make me believe there is a god and we all do serve a purpose and he does care about how we get to where he needs us. so happy mother's day and congratulations libby, duane and especially gil! you're where you were meant to be all along!!!! xo