Thursday, August 23, 2012

big dude

can't say much. as usual. but last week we started getting all these calls. homeless sisters. a 3 year old girl. we said yes to some, we said no to some. the ones we said yes to ended up going to a family they'd lived with before. and then in the middle of monday night crafty night we got a call that went like this "ok, you're going to think i'm crazy but just listen." long story short, we agreed to take a 15 year old boy. he got here, and of course had a different name than we were told. when he walked in with the case worker we said (with dogs jumping all over him) i hope you like dogs! to which the case worker replied "want a 3rd?" turns out our 15 year old has a 17 year old dog that has gone everywhere with him. so...we also have a new dog. right now she's living at our next door neighbors house. they are college kids with no kids and love dogs, so they were awesome to do it until saturday when we can get her vaccinated and move her in with us. but in the meantime she's safe and big dude can see her whenever he wants. turns out, no matter how old boys get they're still tender 5 year old boys on the inside. and he's a lefty just like asher.