Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Asher's Birthday

I LOVE birthday parties for my kids. Each year we try to tone it down more and more. This year Karyssa will be four and I am going to TRY and only have 4 little friends over (one for each year.) But I LOVE the look on the kids' faces when everyone sings happy birthday. UGH! priceless!
This year we had our parents and a few buddies that are Asher's age come over and I did an airplane party for him. Cupcakes, a fruit plate and these bad boys.

They actually were delicious and actually took me all week to figure out. I know about the gum and life saver planes, but everybody was 2...so that didn't really work. I walked up and down the candy aisle and came up with this.

First the wheels didn't stand up with icing. Then they fell flat on the bottom. Then I decided to melt chocolate chips, dip the M&M's and set them side by side on the bottom of the twix bar. Then let them cool in the fridge for a day. Wah-lah! It worked. Then the icing worked to attach the graham cracker wings and the propeller pretzel. Honestly, if I would have had enough chocolate I would have done melted chocolate for all 3 parts but...they tasted delicious and lasted long enough for the party so that's what I did.

This was the look on his face when we sang Happy Birthday and everyone got to the "Dear Aaaaaasheeeer!" part. UGH! my favorite part!!! I love that little man!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

almost to normal and CELTIC IDEAS!!!!!

today we had another evaluation for the public school speech therapy. the first time we went i kinda got the feeling karyssa wouldn't qualify. i was so excited. but today it sounds like she actually will. *sigh* let me just clarify. i am all about early intervention and whatever will help to do it early so we don't have to do it so long. but it felt SO nice to have a "normal" stamp on our passport. time will tell...maybe she still won't qualify and to that i will say "WAAAAAAHOOO!!" even though it means we would continue paying for preschool ourselves. i will gadly play each month if it means we can be tagged "normal".

then i took her to preschool and asher and i had a date at the library. he has recently in the last couple weeks fallen head over heels in LOVE with books. i am loving it as it means he will finally sit still long enough for me to read to him. he would let me read to him in bed but sometimes i would start the first couple pages and then just turn out the lights and say goodnight. he was so squirmy he wouldn't listen. then as he got older he'd listen in bed, if he was tired, sucking on a passie, and moments from passing out. now he'll bring me books all day long. his favorite is goodnight gorilla. especially after my friend gina told me her daughter charlotte, who is a couple months older than asher, had figured out that there's a balloon on every page. the same balloon that gets farther and farther away as the story goes on. asher LOVES this aspect and he now sleeps with goodnight gorilla for every nap and bedtime. last night we couldn't find it so he slept with goodnight moon and woke up at 2am to let me know he was sleeping with goodnight moon and NOT goodnight gorilla. at 2am i don't much care. goodnight ASHER!!

anyway-long tangent to: i took him to the library for some alone time with me and after picking out a book he won't read anyway (as it's not goodnight gorilla) we went upstairs and i found this book in the quilting section.
*GASP* MORE celtic quilting?? where's celtic quilting?? i love celtic stuff. LOVE IT! after i finish my cousin lauren's quilt i have her brother tristan's quilt. and these are my ideas for that bad boy. it's a FUN quilt. black. LOTS of black. i can't wait. it's so manly and gorgeous and i love quilting this stuff so i'll be able to whiz through it. but first i'm doing a quilt for little ole me. can't wait though. his quilt has me quite motivated to keep working.

inside a white block with black thread. oh ya, i'm that bold. can't WAIT.

on a black border with the same black thread. oooo! like a hidden secret with tons of detail. i love surprises you have to search for.

and this along the border of the blocks and along the border of the quilt, somehow intertwined with itself all the way around...gotta figure that part out but i think i have an idea.

can't WAIT. after may, when lauren gets hers, i can post pictures of the finished product. my grandma has already told me lauren won't get to see it until after mudders sees her walk across the graduation stage. so i can't post pictures yet. ok...munchkins are into something. gotta run.