Friday, April 6, 2012

the long version. in short.

today asher decided he's ready to potty train so for rewards he was getting the only candy in the house. the easter candy. in the same bag was paul's easter candy: reese's peanut butter cups. later i was outside getting the baby from the case worker. (yes-we have a placement...that's another post. he's adorable! like a red-headed charlie brown that never stops smiling.) paul was downstairs working on the basement. i came into the house and found 3 empty wrappers and only 1 still in asher's mouth. i know karyssa ate where's the third? i knew he was allergic to peanuts, but he's never reacted. but i've never let this comment out of my head: "you just never know which reaction is gonna be the anaphylactic reaction."

this is the following 4 hours:
red cheeks (not an unusual response to his food allergies.)
puffy lips
hoarse voice
no voice
glassy eyes
epi-pen search
breathing treatment
paul and asher off to the ER
neighbors in my yard with arms out for the other kids
drive to the ER with one quick call asking 911 if i can get a police escort. (i was freaking out and was told those only happen in the movies and he was fine.)
sheepish giggle and realizing i'm freaking out
found him at the ER!
red from head to toe (minus the two areas on his chest exactly outlining his lungs...odd)
puffy puffy puffy
then just puffy puffy
quick education on the difference of allergic and anaphylactic
found out it goes: benedryl, steroids, then epi-pens
benedryl and steroids given
WHOA he doesn't react well to that mix!!!!
peanut scented burps (found where that 3rd cup went)
he went potty on the potty at the ER!
naked boy walking around the ER
fresh diaper located (we only had one!)
craaaaaash asleep in daddy's arms
discharge and home for the dinner i was making when this all began.

WHEW. that's all i can post now. i gotta bag of reese's cups to eat tonight.