Thursday, May 16, 2013

reality of open adoption

this week karyssa had testing for kindergarten placement and when the teacher gave me the form she said "ya know, it's no big deal but karyssa didn't know her last name..." and i said "oh, that's kind of on purpose...i sort of thought she understood her last name but i really haven't TAUGHT her that so she won't repeat it when we're with her birth family." and then the teacher went on to say "but she did know her address!" "CRAP! really?!" that's worse than knowing her last name!!!! *sigh* in other news: karyssa and asher have a baby brother! he joined us in mid-april. he's amazingly cute and has karyssa's toes and looks so much like asher. we love him more and more every day. i just kiss him and tell him how much i love him all the time. like all. the. time. peaknuckle's case continues to move in the direction of adoption so for mother's day i got a necklace with all 4 of their birthstones. my husband comes from a very name-it-claim-it kind of church and when we first met i had a hard time with it but i joke that i'm working on my name-it-claim-it. so, yes, i do have 4 kids, thank you very much. life is crazy and yet complete with all 4 of them here. it's funny having irish twins (two babies born in the same calendar year) until you have to run errands and have 7 complete strangers ask you for the dirty details in one day. i've tried everything from "i have a magic uterus" to "truth really is stranger than fiction" but nothing seems to curb the questions. so lately i've just started saying "we adopt." and try to leave it at that. life is good. the kids are better. we feel very very blessed and know that as high as our mountaintop is, getting to love on all these babies at once, is as far high as our birth parents low is right now having to make the tough decisions on what they want to do next. we'll keep you posted and hopefully get to post adoption pictures soon.

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